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Easy_setupThe Installation Utility software tool for the FIRST1 is the most simple and visual program available, allowing almost anybody to install this automatic dispenser.

It works as a ‘step by step’ guide, from installing the programs to setting up the colorants in the dispenser.

Think how convenient when dispatching the unit to remote areas.

Discover more of the advantages of the FIRST1.

The comprehensive user manuals available for all the machines are very clear, in multiple languages and use images to show how to use the equipment; in addition to safety advice and useful tips.

As generations of newer machines and control systems are becoming a reality in our offer, the more it becomes easy for each paint company and store associates to use and operate COROB equipment.





COROB™ dispensers have been working with the low and no VOC technology for over 10 years, being a strong and available partner to the European paint companies that had to transition towards this generation technology at the beginning of the millennium.

Having been there from the beginning, has allowed COROB to constantly work to adapt the equipment for dispensing the colorant with fewer and fewer problems over time.

We dispense, and don’t need to fuss around whether we can or can’t handle low and no VOC colorants: the many thousand units which are installed and are everyday working out there dispensing all typologies of colorants speak for themselves.

The patented active humidification system for the nozzle area still remains a market first and most importantly… very effective for avoiding the drying in the dispensing area exposed to air.

Many other solutions, like the smaller canisters, the daily and routine cleaning cycles are all aimed to improve the machines capability to handle the colorants.

Find out more about the many COROB innovative devices and technologies.






Our service network is another of the many pieces that truly makes a COROB™ machine be the ideal working partner over time.

It is the ‘intelligence’ and ‘response attitude’ of our Network which sets us apart and makes an uneventful event like a downtime be a moment for a checkup and update of the equipment.

The everlasting components that have been introduced over the years are giving exceptional results in terms of durability and lifetime performance.

The bellow pump based dispensers avoid any sort of calibration needs after the initial setup period, the material is totally unaffected by the mechanical stress provoked by the colorant, insuring an outstanding life of decades.

The real trick to rolling out in a convenient way machines to the field, or for starting up a tinting project is to use the average calibration file available for most machines.

The use of this tool allows to heavily reduce installation times and consequently the costs related to this activity.

And COROB™ products of tomorrow… are a reality of today.

The technological breakthrough INV (Integrated Nozzle Valve) sets the standard for dealing with the ever changing nature of colorants, where handling low and no VOC colorants represents an inconvenience of the past. The initial machine investment is easily bypassed by the advantages of the every-day low handling the machine needs.





COROB offers the widest selection of obtainable speed levels on the market. We offer various settings: from sequential units, to the smart and clever simultaneous on-demand, all the way up to the fully simultaneous unit delivering up to a potential of 8 liter/min [270 fl.oz/minute].

The simultaneous on-demand speed level available on EVOFLX™ units has an optimized process controlling the way the pumps are activated based on each single formulation that needs to be dispensed. In many cases, testing evidence has proven this variant to be faster than competitor’s fully simultaneous models.

Discover more about the many new solutions launched with the EVOFLX™ model.

A wide selection of pump sizes are available for each technology, granting each machine the ideal speed, while reaching the required accuracy.

Speed settings can also be managed on many machines, thus allowing to optimize the control over the dispense cycle in case of low or high temperatures, and based on the colorants chemical and physical nature.





It is of no doubt that COROB™ dispensers are capable of delivering the highest productivity among all. Along all our history we have never disappointed customers in terms of paint that can be tinted per hour, day, month or year.

The bigger dispensers are built to tint over an extensive period of time without downtimes and their design layout is set for making the flow of the heavy cans easy and fast.

Discover our range of units that will never let you down: POWER 5000, D600 and D800.

When the business requires unmatched productivity and when it is vital to manage huge quantities, COROB’s In-Plant Systems division is capable of offering a comprehensive set of products and solutions for the most demanding factory and large distribution centers production needs.

The brand new Mixing Station is a champion of making the best of time, while assuring the utmost efficient flow and making the mixing cycle truly fast and optimized. This product also takes away the effort of handling heavy cans on the operator, with true benefits on the working ergonomics.

Discover more at In-Plant Systems.





The design of the components becomes more and more a turning point for making the equipment easy to service, and mostly, sharing the same generation platforms is the true generator for savings.

The sole fact to have less parts on board the machines both make it easy to set your hands on it, and additionally reduce the things that can go wrong.

The circuits of the last generation represent a smart way of designing parts, in matter of fact they have been split into sub-groups: it makes them more convenient economically when replacing, and it is possible to use them among multiple equipment.

Even on the current generation machines, many technical solutions can be introduced, for example many models can host a certain amount of re-circulation valves for the most difficult colorants, reducing the risk of sedimentation and of circuits getting blocked.

Available to customers are also the many Service products and solutions, whereas our direct and partner network are at disposal for further details and maintenance offers.




operatorSimple operations like refilling the canisters with colorant can become a true challenge, that is why the majority of COROB™ units are around a meter of height for this operation. We also offer one of the lowest turntable machine on the market, whereas the FLEX 500 family of products comes with front panels for accessing the canisters.

COROB also has an extra attention when it concerns safety, simple elements like the functioning of the electrical shelves require safety devices that are designed to stop the movement of dangerous parts that might have come in contact with an object.

Extra costs onboard the machines for the best care of the people.

All COROB™ dispensers offer a large selection of arms and supports for keyboard, mouse, printer and monitor. The many typologies are designed to best fit each customer’s need and working environment space.

Many customers appreciate the different heights of the supports which can be chosen among, making working with the dispenser something natural and easy.