Reserved Area


San Felice sul Panaro – Italy

COROB_ITALY_site2The Italian location is the main production site of the COROB group, and it also hosts many core offices. The main activities that take place in this site are General administration, Head of Sales, R&D, Product Management.
The production covers machines ranging from the dispensers, mixers all the way up to the bigger In-Plant systems.

The site is compliant for the assembly of UL certified units. The company obtained the ISO 9001 Quality certification in 1995, more recently becoming ISO 9001:2015 Quality Management System certified from KIWA-CERMET certifying body.



Daman – India

india_site_daman2Founded 15 years ago with the intention to serve the local market, the Indian site has become more and more involved in building equipment that has been sold all over the globe.
The site is an example of tidiness and structured organization within the growing economies. The factory is dedicated to the production of both dispensers and mixers.
The site is compliant for the assembly of UL certified units.


Ulvila – Finland

COROB_ulvila_site2Unique site dedicated historically to piston based units, dating back several decades. The site hosts both the production of the D300 unit and is base to service and spares for the region.