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COROB and Novaflow Systems a perfect integration







COROB and Novaflow Systems are a perfect integration, allowing customers from different business backgrounds to find a solution to their needs.

We deliver efficiency, speed and accuracy!


ink-texture Inks
Novaflow’s gravimetric systems are ideal for the various type of ink applications and technologies, from gravure to flexographic, with both the possibility to dispense plastisols, UV, oil or water based products.
texile-texture Paints&Coatings
Take advantage of Novaflow’s certified Class1-Div1 devices that assure a system adequate for these hazardous areas, allowing to dispense products for wood, coils and industrial paints in an economical and fast way.
plastic Chemicals
As wide as the category can be, also the solutions from over 25 years of experience, allow Novaflow to offer a wide range of equipment to handle the diverse type of products to be blended. There is now limit to our creative solutions to real demands.

Discover more of the Novaflow models and solutions in the next coming weeks. Follow us!