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COROB & CHINA: the future awaits


chinacoat17COROB is gearing up to meet the exciting and expanding market of China!

An unprecedented effort is being laid out by the investors to create a center for excellence in tinting, while supporting growth in different business applications.


Come and discover a complete set of how COROB can help you be more efficient, precise and fast when it comes to dispensing technology for the paints and coatings business, and other industrial applications.


Modula TDF and Mixing Station MS-LG for high factory productivity tinting.


EVOFLX-MX dual setup for the auto refinish industry.


D800TX and D410x: power and efficiency dispensers.


FLEX 200 as the newest solution for bringing tinting into point of sales at a convenient price and ownership level.


CLEVERmix 700 the new automatic gyroscopic mixer from COROB.