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The advanced and compact mid-performance dispenser

Introducing the medium performance EVOFLX-LW automatic dispenser, delivering perfect tinting.

Base Dispenser Features
Dispensing technologyHybrid: Bellow, BPG [bellow], DFP [piston] or in combination
Dispensing flowSequential (default) / On-Demand Simultaneous / Simultaneous
Canister configurationsUp to 32
Canister sizes [l] (q-G)1,5 (1.58 q) / 2,5 (2.64 q) / 5 (1.32 G)
Canister materialPOM (Acetalic resin)
Circuit flow rate [l/min]*[Bellow] STD 0,25 - HF 0,4; [DFP] STD 0,5 - HF 1,0
Minimum dispensed quantity [fl.oz.] (cc)*[Bellow & DFP] STD 1/768 (0,0385) - HF 1/192 (0,154)
Valve type[Bellow] Membrane valve; [DFP & BPG Bellow] COROB 3-way electric valve (with re-circulation)
Nozzle closure systemManual rotating cap
Pump type[Bellow & DFP] STD size; [BPG Bellow] HF size
Electronic generation/type5G
Colorant base compatibilityDecorative and Industrial: Water [w], Universal and Solvent [s]
Shelf typeManual
Can Handling Features **
Minimum can height [mm] (in)70 (2.8)
Maximum can height [mm] (in)500 (19.7)
Minimum can diameter [mm] (in)70 (2.8)
Maximum can diameter [mm] (in)240 (9.45) [w/ hole in center] - 380 (14.96) [w/ hole not in center]
Minimum hole diameter [mm] (in)54 (2.1)
Power Supply / Machine Environment
Power supply [V] -- Frequency [Hz]Single phase 100 - 240 ±10% -- 50/60 -- F 10 A
Maximum power absorption [W]From 70 to 600 based on the configuration
Dispenser Dimensions
Length [mm] (in)980 (38.6)
Depth [mm] (in)875 (34) w/ shelf - 800 (31.5) w/o shelf
Height [mm] (in)1110 (44)
Footprint [m2] (ft2)0,86 (9.23)
Machine Weight [kg] (lb)NA

* Values highly affected by nature of the colorants and their rheological properties.

** IMPORTANT: most machine and paint can dimensions refer to the basic machine model. Options and alternative devices can change these values.
Please check with your local sales representative or contact one of COROB’s offices.

Data refers to base configuration machine, figures may vary according to different specifications.

EVOFLX-LW Brochure
EVOFLX-LW Data sheet


With one of the lowest refilling heights on the market, EVOFLX-LW represents an ideal dispenser in terms of ergonomics.

The overall size of the machine and its compact frame gives it a small footprint, and the easy access to the canister area is another feature appreciated by all store operators.

This dispenser fits perfectly into professional paint stores and DIY environments.


The advanced control system of the machine, based on the ‘5G’ platform, enables the capability to remotely check the dispenser. Communicating information to service personnel, or by giving phone assistance to the store operator are key elements in improving maintenance events.

The installation time is tremendously reduced to more than half the time compared previous generation of machines, with tangible effects on the setup costs.


The unit can host up to 32 circuits, with the possibility to select 1,5 liter, 2,5 liters and 5 liters canister sizes.

Several shelves are available, from the default manual version to the semi-automatic and fully automatic variants. It is also possible to add roll conveyors, enhancing the work flow for all store types.


PERFORMANCE: With the possibility to choose among pump technologies of different productivity rates, EVOFLX-LW responds to all types of tinting demands. Available pump technologies: bellow pump (0,2 liter/min), BPG with HF bellow (0,4 liter/min) and DFP (dual flow piston) (0,5 liter/min or 1 liter/min).

OPTIMIZED COLORANT HANDLING: Water borne and solvent borne colorants. Several options increase the colorant’s life in the machine, for an optimal tinting dispense. The optional re-circulation is yet another item that can improve the tinting result for those colorants needing more attention, offsetting sedimentation effects and building up of pressure in the circuits.

icon performance


Pumps of up to 1 liter/min assure an incredible speed in tinting high turnover colorants, without losing in accuracy.

icon ideal ownership cost


Proven components, the everlasting bellow pump and reduced number of electronic boards assure a continuous working cycle.

icon low-no voc colorant handling


Re-circulation capabilities and the capping systems assure colorants to their ideal behavior and keep the correct level of moisture.

icon operator friendly


The incredible low height of just 1110 mm makes it very easy for all operators to work with this unit.