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Network: a winning key factor

corob service support networkKey to COROB’s success, is the extensive direct and partner network. The highly appreciated network sets COROB apart from competition as its main target is clearly to deliver the highest standards of customer satisfaction.

COROB is committed to taking care of the equipment deployment from the delivery moment all the way through its lifecycle. Knowing how important it is to give all the necessary support and knowledge to keep the machines efficient and running at all times, the network is designed to fit all the market peculiarities by setting the best type of contact and personnel to advise on each incoming issue.

The network has been tailored to best fit each market and regional characteristics, a mix of historical presence of direct COROB entities and strong external partners which represent our brand.

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Comprehensive and periodic trainings are offered as to create true representatives of the COROB way and become an active and vital part in solving technical problems, trouble shooting, or simply advising the customers on the best available alternatives for our equipment.

Every new employee and people belonging to our official network are introduced to a knowledge introduction program of our products, and kept up to date over time on developments and new introductions.