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COROB™ EVOshake 500

The benchmark of a strong and advanced shaker

EVOshake 500 is the new benchmark among the vibrational shakers, a true COROB design that summarizes the best solutions available in the market.

  • EVOshake 500
Base Features
TypeVibrational shaker
Clamping functionAutomatic
Clamping force [kg]Automatically selected
Shaking timeAutomatically selected
Shaking speedAutomatically selected
Shaking speed [rpm]NA
Shaking motor power [hp] (kW)NA
Working cycleContinuous
Mixing directionBi-directional
Can Handling Features
Type of cansRound / Square / Oval
Minimum can height [mm] (in)50 (2)
Maximum can height [mm] (in)410 (16.1)
Maximum can diameter [mm] (in)325 (12.8)
Multiple can handlingYes
Maximun can weight [Kg] (lbs)40 (88)
Power Supply / Machine Environment
Power supply [V]Single phase; 220-240
Frequency [Hz]50
FusesT 6,3 A
Maximum power absorption [W]800
Overall Dimensions
Length [mm] (in)600 (23.6)
Depth [mm] (in)744 (29.3)
Height [mm] (in)1160 (45.7)
Footprint [m2] (ft2)0,45 (4.8)
Machine Weight [kg] (lb)180 (397)

* Mixing speed can vary in function of weight, can shape and base paint characteristics.
Data refers to base configuraton machine, figures may vary according to different specifications.

EVOshake 500 Brochure
EVOshake 500 Data sheet


A clean and focused control panel is one of the main features of this shaker, nonetheless the available and many configurations are expression of its advanced functions.
The machine is able to select the correct parameters to optimize shaking time, speed, direction, ramp up/down for you.
Personalized settings can be chosen on-spot or at configuration level. The same is valid for the opening of the plates, the distance among the opening can be set so to reduce the timing needed from passing from one cycle to another.


The few steps necessary to start working makes the unit extremely appreciated by the operators, the automatic opening of the door once the cycle has been terminated is another action that immediately communicates with the user on what the machine is doing.

The optional front loading tray can furtherly increase the usability, and be practical when handling heavier paint cans. It also comes with a roller to facilitate the entrance into the clamping area.


While operating, the EVOshake 500 surprises for its silence, the motors and design of the frame contribute to absorbing the bothering noises typical of a shaker.
The bail holder is yet another example of small detail that outlines the premium finishes of this unit.

Year over year, use over use, this unit will prove all its durability and strength. The internal design relies on a well-built structure, in addition to the application of high-end shock absorbers for reducing the vibrational movements.

The slim design gives the EVOshake 500 a modern appeal and it fits into most tight spots within each working environment.