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A revolution in automatic tinting dispensers

Experience FIRST1, the convenient, automatic dispenser from COROB. Robust, yet affordable, FIRST1 is designed to make manual tinting machines a thing of the past. It is the perfect replacement or addition to your current manual dispenser. The innovative technology behind FIRST1 is perfect for emerging markets.

The COROB™ FIRST1 is a fully automatic turntable dispenser suitable for use with water-based or universal colorants. Easy transition into automated tinting increasing accuracy and customer satisfaction with precise and repeatable on-demand tinted paint orders.

  • FIRST1
Base Dispenser Features
Dispensing technologyBellow pump
Dispensing flowSequential
Canister configurationsUp to 16
Canister sizes [l] (q-G)2,5 (2.64 q)
Canister materialPolypropylene
Circuit flow rate [l/min]*0,2
Minimum dispensed quantity [fl.oz.] (cc)*1/384 (0,077)
Valve typeMembrane valve
Nozzle closure systemSingle valve
Pump type'F1-STD' Bellows
Electronic generation/type-
Colorant base compatibilityDecorative: Water, Universal
Shelf typeManual "click-on"
Can Handling Features **
Minimum can height [mm] (in)76 (3)
Maximum can height [mm] (in)504 (19.8)
Minimum can diameter [mm] (in)70 (2.8)
Maximum can diameter [mm] (in)350 (13.8)
Minimum hole diameter [mm] (in)25 (0.8)
Power Supply / Machine Environment
Power supply [V] -- Frequency [Hz]Single phase 100 - 240 ±10% -- 50/60
Maximum power absorption [W]60
Dispenser Dimensions
Length [mm] (in)850 (33.5)
Depth [mm] (in)1028 (40.5)
Height [mm] (in)1323 (52.1)
Footprint [m2] (ft2)0,87 (9.36)
Machine Weight [kg] (lb)51 (112)

* Values highly affected by nature of the colorants and their rheological properties.

** IMPORTANT: most machine and paint can dimensions refer to the basic machine model. Options and alternative devices can change these values.
Please check with your local sales representative or contact one of COROB’s offices.

Data refers to base configuration machine, figures may vary according to different specifications.

FIRST1 Brochure
FIRST1 Data sheet


Preset turntable configurations of 12 or 16 canisters are available. The overall height of the machine allows for simplified refilling of colorants and easy access to all the controls.


The everlasting bellow pump, prone to last without wearing and tearing, and the few number of components that make this model, allow reducing parts and maintenance needs to a bare minimum.
The possibility to clean the valve, or the special nozzle cleaning brush cycle, the formula recovery function, all equally impact positively the actions or support needed to run the machine.


The innovative nozzle design used in FIRST1 is the result of research and innovation derived from the most advanced COROB™ product lines. The technology allows for accurate color dispersion while safeguarding against water-based colorant drying. Each nozzle can be easily reached, removed and cleaned under water for optimal machine performance and colorant dispersion.


corob-connect-icon-01With the new 5G control management system, the FIRST1 leaps into the future with numerous new functions and connectivity possibilities.
The optional COROB Connect device enables to use the COROB TOUCH&TINT™ tablet based software program, eliminating the need for the more expensive pc, keyboard and monitor solution. A true and modern way to save money!


icon ideal ownership cost


The everlasting bellow pump, free from wear and tear due to the lack of mechanical stress between the pump and colorant, lasts for a lifetime without needing to be changed.

icon operator friendly


The easy instructions and working cycle make the unit usable with a very limited learning curve speeding up the tinting process for the end customer.

icon maintence over time


The streamlined design of FIRST1 reduces the overall number of components, resulting in fewer parts that require maintenance for greater savings over time.