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COROB™ D180 is at essence a true combination of our heritage in developing professional dispensers and a true commitment to making our customer’s business the most profitable and successful possible… at an affordable price!

  • D180
Base Dispenser Features
Dispensing technologyBellow pump
Dispensing flowSequential
Canister configurationsUp to 16
Canister sizes [l] (q-G)1,5 (1.58 q) / 2,5 (2.64 q)
Canister materialPOM (Acetalic resin)
Circuit flow rate [l/min]*0,2
Minimum dispensed quantity [fl.oz.] (cc)*1/384 (0,077)
Valve typeMembrane valve: BLUE Viton (water) - BLACK FFKM (universal/solvent)
Nozzle closure systemManual rotating cap
Pump typeSTD Bellows
Electronic generation/type3G 'Light'
Colorant base compatibilityDecorative: Water, Universal
Shelf typeManual "pull out"
Can Handling Features **
Minimum can height [mm] (in)140 (5.5) - 70 (2.8) [w/ can riser]
Maximum can height [mm] (in)375 (14.8)
Minimum can diameter [mm] (in)46 (1.8)
Maximum can diameter [mm] (in)320 (12.6)
Minimum hole diameter [mm] (in)46 (1.8)
Power Supply / Machine Environment
Power supply [V] -- Frequency [Hz]Single phase 100 - 240 ±10% -- 50/60
Maximum power absorption [W]150
Dispenser Dimensions
Length [mm] (in)710 (28)
Depth [mm] (in)880 (34.7)
Height [mm] (in)1250 (49.2)
Footprint [m2] (ft2)0,62 (6.72)
Machine Weight [kg] (lb)90 (198)
CertificationCE and NON CE version available

* Values highly affected by nature of the colorants and their rheological properties.

** IMPORTANT: most machine and paint can dimensions refer to the basic machine model. Options and alternative devices can change these values.
Please check with your local sales representative or contact one of COROB’s offices.

Data refers to base configuration machine, figures may vary according to different specifications.

D180 Brochure
D180 Data sheet

COROB’s smart thinking is what allows us in delivering the most reliable and trustworthy automatic dispensers for growing and diverse market needs.

  • Reliable, fully automatic dispenser.
  • Super compact and very low height.
  • Modern design.
  • Long-lasting bellow pump technology.



What makes this dispenser ideal for everyday use are the simple things that work effectively and with minimal breakdowns, like the manual shelf and the airtight manual capping device.

The front keyboard and the reachable monitor holder are what every store operator can desire, everything placed at its best!


The everlasting PTFE material of the bellow pump delivers a dispensing flow rate of 0,2 liter/min. The bellow pump technology avoids mechanical stress between the pump parts and the colorant, this means years and years of dispensing colorant in the right shades with no calibration needs over time.


The design with a compact frame for an “easy to fit” size in all store environments is what makes the COROB™ D180 attractive and very modern. It enhances the paint corner and becomes a true tool for marketing purposes. The top lids assure that the canister area is protected and that unnecessary objects do not get in the way of the tinting process.


icon easy setup


The initial installation done by the professional Service personnel can be facilitated with the use of the average setup file: several solutions available for each customer’s need.

icon ideal ownership cost


The everlasting bellow pump, free from wear and tear due to the lack of mechanical stress between the pump and colorant, lasts for a lifetime without needing to be changed.

icon operator friendly


The low height of the machine allows every store operator to do refilling operations in a very comfortable way, as easily using the keyboard.

icon maintence over time


The simple, yet effective electronics and the use of many manual activated components are a true assurance of little need for attention and intervention. The bellow pump technology guarantees repeatability and accuracy without further interventions after the first install period, and maintains the results over years and years.