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COROB™ D50 is the line of compact and ergonomic manual piston dispensers that provides simplicity and essential functions at an affordable price. Dispensing operations have never been so easy.

Each member of the COROB™ D50 dispenser family is equipped with valve handles, a long-wearing Teflon seal and a Smart Gauge for fractional incremental dispensing.

Their unique single-handed operation makes them exceptionally easy to use. Automatic timer-controlled stirring saves you time and facilitates the refilling of canisters.

Additional COROB™ D50 features include: durable and corrosion-resistant stainless steel pump cylinders, Memory gauges: the user only needs to set the gauge once for repeat multiple can dispensing, an automatic drip control piston to ensure clean dispensing nozzles, a retractable sealing arm which stop drips and keeps the working area clean and removable ‘easy clean’ nozzles.

All COROB™ D50 dispensers are suitable for use with universal decorative water-based colorants, and two variants allow you to choose between countertop and floor-standing versions apart from the number of 3 liters canisters that are needed.

The COROB™ D50 is available in versions with 12, 16, 20 or 24 canisters.


The unit is available with the following gauges:

  • US (1/48 & 1/96) [29,57 ml]
  • USM (1/48 & 1/96) [31,23 ml]
  • Metric 1 ml

The COROB™ D50 floorstand has a 4-leg stand with a manual ‘Quick-Fit’ shelf.