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    Advanced valve system for minimal maintenance.
    100% recirculation and closed nozzles.
    Smart integrated circuit for easy replacement by user.
    Optimal colorant handling and reduced risk of drying.

COROB EVOTURN is a smart, reliable, and easy-to-use turntable dispenser. It represents an ideal solution for paint shops and DIY where medium paint volumes are produced but nevertheless, they need higher colorant capacity.

Developed with specific attention to the design, COROB EVOTURN has an extremely compact footprint. Low or no VOC colorants are efficiently handled thanks to the real re-circulation and effective nozzle closing.

When it comes to the can handling, the default manual shelf guarantees a simple loading and unloading operation of the cans, in alternative, a semiautomatic one can be chosen.

The computer can be placed inside the machine and the peripherals are optimally positioned on the optional multibracket adjustable support which can accommodate monitor, keyboard, mouse, printer, and barcode reader.

The access for all maintenance operations is from a comfortable frontal position and the machine diagnostic can be done remotely reducing the need for on-site service.

Technical data

Business environment Paint shop, DIY
Volume output Low / Medium
Dispensing technology Bellow pump
Dispensing flow Turntable sequential
Circuit flow rate [l/min]* 0,25
Minimum dispensed quantity [fl.oz.] (cc)* 1/768 (0,039)
Valve type Integrated valve (with re-circulation)
Canister configurations Up to 16
Canister sizes [l] (q-G) 2,5 (2.64 q) / max 4x 5 (1.32 G)
Colorant compatibility Water, Universal, Solvent
Dimensions HxLxD [mm] 1307x803x870 / x975 w/ shelf
Footprint [m²] (ft²) 0,70 (7.5) – 0,78 (8.4) w/ shelf

*Values highly affected by the nature of the colorants and their rheological properties.

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