FLEX 500

The efficient turntable automatic dispenser


    Efficient piston pump technology for precise colorant dispensing.
    Low complexity structure, for simple and effective use.
    Optimal performance in colorant handling.

The COROB FLEX 500 is the ideal turntable dispenser built with a simple yet effective design for handling the evolving nature of the colorants. Its reliable piston pump technology in combination with a smart management control improves the colorant dispense timing.

Low complexity build, it allows for simple and effective use and easy to change parts.

The colorants, ranging from organic solvent-based or water colorants up to no-low VOC, are optimally handled. The brush works allowing a complete cleaning cycle in both directions, greatly improving cleaning time.

The optional gravimetric function makes it ideal for gravimetric systems requiring high and constant accuracy. Applications nowadays are the ink-industry and in-plant tinting.

Technical data

Business environment Professional paint stores, DIY
Volume output Low / Medium
Dispensing technology Piston pump
Dispensing flow Turntable sequential
Circuit flow rate [l/min]* 0,3 – 0,6
Minimum dispensed quantity [fl.oz.] (cc)* 1/576 (0,051)
Valve type Ceramic valve
Canister configurations Up to 24
Canister sizes [l] (q-G) 2,5 (2.64 q) / 5 (1.32 G)
Colorant compatibility Water, Universal, Solvent
Footprint [m²] (ft²) 0,83 (8.9)

*Values highly affected by the nature of the colorants and their rheological properties.

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