Fully automated system for small batch operations


    Consistent and repeatable automated batch manufacturing.
    Automated material re-work tools.
    Control inventory costs by mixing only the necessary components.
    Manage formulas and inventory using intuitive software.

Designed specifically for providing gravimetric dispensing automation for low volume applications, the N20-N is ideal when producing small batch sizes, such as 4 liter/1-gallon cans, that require a high degree of accuracy and repeatability.

A fully functioning unit installs in only a few hours. All pneumatic, electrical, and fluid lines are shipped fully connected for simple assembly. The N20-N utilizes the exclusive, but very cost effective COROB dispensing valve. Up to 32 components can be dispensed into a standard 4 liter/1-gallon container.

Technical data

Working Environment Non-hazardous
Application Water, Oil and UV-based products
Number of circuits up to 32
Type of circuits buckets and drums
Typical batch size from 250 cc to 20 l (from 1/16 USG to 5 USG)
Performance 3-5 min per 4 l (1 USG) batch
Accuracy* starting from ± 1 g
Pump size DN10 – 3/8″
Valve type Integrated Nozzle Valve
Valve cleaner NA
Scale 6 kg – 30 kg (12 lb – 60 lb)
Cabinet IP55 / NEMA 4x cabinet
Software EMMS
Items included Dell PC
Remote support** Standard

* Values highly affected by the nature of the products and their rheological properties
** It requires an active data connection.

Note: data refers to machine base configuration, values may vary according to different specifications.