Intermediates dispensing for manufacturing facilities


  • Repeatable formula consistency.
  • Accurate dispensing of components for large batch (up to 10,000 Gal) applications.
  • Built-in distribution system to route pre-batch to a large number of process tanks.

The Pre-batching systems (PB and PBEx) are high-accuracy, multi-purpose automated gravimetric dispensing systems for either hazardous or non-hazardous areas. Designed to cover a wide range of production needs, including high volume, fast fill, and small custom batches; these systems dispense using high-accuracy dispensing valve technology.

Products are dispensed into a fixed pre-batch vessel, and when completed, the output of this tank is automatically transferred to the correct large batching tank in the factory.

This allows for very precise measurement of key components, which would not be possible if done directly into the main batching tank.

Advancing cleaning components ensure that tank and transfer pipework are thoroughly cleaned between batches

Drawing material from pails, drums, bulk totes, or fixed tanks, the systems can accurately dispense up to 28 components in a standard configuration, with a maximum capability of 96 components, into a wide variety of batch sizes from pails to drums using multiple scales, ensuring the highest precision possible regardless of batch size.

This system can fit both the SelectFlow two-stage stainless steel valves and the MultiFlow three-stage stainless steel valves. With a multi-valve system, operators can use a smaller valve for ultra-fine dispensing amounts. Both valves optimize dispense speed and dispense accuracy, offering unparalleled accuracy batch after batch.

Technical data

Working Environment Non-hazardous Hazardous
Application Water, Oil and UV-based products Solvent based products
Number of circuits up to 96 up to 96
Type of circuits pails and/or drums and/or IBCs pails and/or drums and/or IBCs
Typical batch size from 20 l to 2000 l (from 5 USG to 500 USG) from 20 l to 2000 l (from 5 USG to 500 USG)
Performance Dependent on process Dependent on process
Accuracy* starting from ± 0.1 g starting from ± 0.1 g
Pump size DN12 – 1/2” and higher DN12 – 1/2” and higher
Valve type Three-stage, MultiFlow valve Three-stage, MultiFlow valve
Valve cleaner Included Included
Scale 20 kg – 3000 kg (40 lb – 6000 lb) 20 kg – 3000 kg (40 lb – 6000 lb)
Cabinet IP55 / NEMA 4x cabinet IP55 / NEMA 4x cabinet
Software EMMS EMMS
Items included Dell PC Dell PC
Remote support** Standard Standard

* Values highly affected by the nature of the products and their rheological properties
** It requires an active data connection.

Note: data refers to machine base configuration, values may vary according to different specifications.