EVOshake 500

The new benchmark for shakers


    Reliable and strong working partner.
    The best solution for multiple cans shaking at the same time.
    Easy to use with minimum effort.
  • -SPACE
    Minimum footprint, maximum business.

COROB EVOshake 500 is a true COROB design that incorporate the most advanced solutions in shaking technology.

The few steps necessary to start working make the unit extremely appreciated by operators.

After closing the door, the mixing starts by itself. To further assist the operator, when the cycle is completed, the door automatically opens.

While operating, the COROB EVOshake 500 surprises for its silence.

Technical data

Volume output Medium & High
Type Automatic vibrational shaker
Max can weight [kg] (lbs) 40 [88]
Can size [mm] (in) Height: min 50 (2), max 410 (16.1)
Diameter: max 370 (14.6)
Can type Round, square and oval. Multiple cans.
Mixing motor power [hp] (kW) 1 (0,75)
Door type Vertical sliding door.
Dimensions (WxDxH) [mm] (in) 600 x 776 x 1160 (23.6 x 30.6 x 45.7)
Footprint [m²] (ft²) 0,46 (5)

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