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COROB™ Mixing Station MS-RG

The new COROB™ Mixing Station MS-LG is the perfect enhancement to depot, warehouses or large contractor retail locations where productivity is essential to your business and to the final customers while managing operating costs.

  • The MS-RG consists of up to ten heavy duty specially developed gyroscopic mixers with 3 HP direct drive mixing motors.
  • Fully automated conveyors feed pails of up to 20 liters/5 gallons weighing up to 40 kg/88 lbs.
  • It handles different can sizes and shapes simultaneously and automatically, while users can customize mixing time and speed for each can individually if desired.
  • During the mixing process, the can handles/bails are secured by a magnetic system, which eliminates the need for tape or bungee cords.
  • The MS-RG solution delivers excellent results, with direct drive transmissions increasing mixing performance while dramatically decreasing maintenance reducing environmental noise.
Model COROB CM 850 Heavy Duty Industrial Gyroscopic Mixer
Number of mixers From 2 to 3 with IMSL
Loading / Unloading system IMSL – Industrial Mixer Single Loader
Productivity* Up to 60 cans per hour
Handled pails
Height [mm] (in) min 100 (3.9) – max 450 (17.7)
Diameter [mm] (in) min 120 (4.7) – max 400 (15.7)
Maximum can weight [kg] (lbs) 40 (88)
Shape Round and Oval (conical or parallel), Square, Rectangular
Material Plastic, Metallic
Robot rotation/Linear translation DC electric motors
Overall dimensions**
Width [mm] (in) 1950 (76.8)
Height [mm] (in) 1750 (68.9) with 2 mixers – 2900 (114.2) with 3 mixers
Length [mm] (in) 1350 (53.2)
Power supply
Power supply [V] 220 VAC Single-phase
Maximum current [A] based on the configuration
Maximum power absorption [W] based on the configuration

* Depending on model configuration, pails size and product viscosity.
** Loading/unloading conveyors excluded.