COROB’s gravimetric and volumetric dispensing technologies can accommodate a vast span of chemical and additive applications, and hazardous chemicals can he handled safely with our explosion-proof technology.

Whenever your production requires accuracy in batching or making recipes, we can leverage our dispensing and dosing knowledge to provide a full range of customized solutions.

Our extensive knowledge of materials allows us to treat all different kinds of products including:

  • Hazardous components: We have extensive experience with ATEX design, ergonomic design, and production safety that allows us to keep your processes and production environments safe.
  • Difficult components: We know how to handle a wide range of ingredients from highly viscous ones to highly flammable and fast drying liquids.

  • We have already customized our technologies to work with a variety of specialty chemicals, such as plastics, silicones, O & G, and seed coatings.