High performance, fully automated mixing solution


    Improved working environment and operator safety by eliminating manual handling of cans.
    Less labor costs.
    Shorter delivery and mixing times by increasing productivity and efficiency per order.

The COROB MIXING STATION MS-LG is the perfect enhancement to depot, warehouses or large contractor retail locations where productivity is essential to your business while managing operating costs.

After the tinting process is completed, an automated conveyor moves, precisely loads and unloads any size or shape paint cans into the gyroscopic mixers.

The optimized timing and the synchronized mixing cycle of the gyroscopic mixers guarantee a constant output of mixed paint so that the pails are ready in the fastest possible way.

The operator or associate is relieved from moving around the heavier paint cans, and the overall layout of the conveyor is designed to reduce the fatigue effort.

The optimal price/performance is obtained with the 2 mixers model, although up to 3 mixers can be installed in a single line to increase productivity.

Technical data

Mixer model COROB IGCM 1000 – Industrial Gyroscopic Corob Mixer
Number of mixers From 2 to 3
Productivity/mixing time [pail per hour] 1 min 56 (2 mixers) – 84 (3 mixers)
2 min 38 (2 mixers) – 60 (3 mixers)
3 min 30 (2 mixers) – 44 (3 mixers)
Can size [mm] (in) Height: min 140 (5.5), max 450 (17.7) (lower height cans with adapter)
Diameter: min 150 (5.9) max 400 (15.7) (smaller diameter cans with adapter)
Round, oval (conical or parallel), square and rectangular
Maximum can weight [kg] (lbs) 40 (88)
Length [mm] (in) 3860 (152) with 2 mixers
4835 (190) with 3 mixers
Depth [mm] (in) 1760 (69.3)
Height [mm] (in) 1800 (70.9)

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