High-performance, fully configurable dispensers


    Accelerate your operations: the ideal solution for high-speed needs, from large distribution centers to production facilities
    Customizable configurations for performance, productivity, and space requirements, with a range of canister sizes and external tank solutions
    Accurate and repeatable results for high-efficiency premium quality products
    Hybrid dispensing technology, combining gravimetric and volumetric systems

Unlock your productivity potential with the MODULA range of automated dispensers. With unrivaled flexibility and performance levels, MODULA can be tailored to meet your exact space requirements and productivity needs.

Experience the power of results-driven tinting solutions. Our high-efficiency, precision COROB MODULA dispensers are designed to meet extensive and varied demands, delivering reliable and flexible performance.

MODULA allows for just-in-time production with an unlimited range of colors and significant stock reduction.

Choose from a wide selection of canister sizes and external tanks, and select from several pumping technologies to match your product characteristics.

The on-board equipment, consisting of up to 32 canisters and pumps, is designed to handle products that require lower flow rate performance. For products that require increased flow rate performance, up to 10 external tanks can be equipped with higher flow rate pumps.

Always at the forefront of innovation, we have developed a new patented high-speed dispensing system for our MODULA VG model. By adding the optional COROB VG-SIM module, you can boost your dispenser performance productivity by up to 30%.

With complete customizability to meet any budget or space requirement, our solutions are strategically positioned to shorten delivery times and reduce inventory needs, maximizing profitability.

In-can production

The In-Can production system allows you to create a virtually unlimited number of tinted products while saving costs and minimizing production time.

  • Ensures each tinted batch is profitable.

  • The system is extremely flexible and requires no startup time.

  • Delivers custom paint quickly and maximizes profits.

  • Enhances customer service and reduces lead times.

The Volu-gravimetric model (VG) combines the accuracy and speed of volumetric dispensing with gravimetric capabilities. This solution provides maximum flexibility and productivity, as it doses base and colorants directly into the empty cans.

With the optional COROB VG-SIM module, our newest patented high-speed dispensing system, productivity can increase by up to 30%, while simultaneous dispensing of base and colorants significantly reduces time.

Additionally, a wide range of hazardous chemicals can be handled safely thanks to COROB MODULA’s explosion-proof capacity.


Discover the flexibility of the COROB MODULA product line, which offers a wide selection of configurations ranging from “in-line” to “U-shaped” layouts.

Our modules can be arranged in various combinations to provide the best solution to accommodate your production line.

To help you design a facility layout that meets your specific needs, our specialists submit multiple proposals, all with suitable configurations.

Module template and canister selection

Maximize the efficiency and throughput of your production line with the flexibility offered by MODULA. With the ability to configure modules in a variety of combinations, you can find the best solution for your space and production needs.

Choose from a range of module templates to suit your specific requirements. MODULA can host canisters with up to 90 liters of capacity, making it the largest volume canister in the industry.


Technical data

Business environment Large volume paint stores, production facilities Large volume paint stores, production facilities
Volume output High High
Dispensing technology BPG (bellows), Gear or in combination BPG (bellows), Gear or in combination
Dispensing flow Volumetric: Simultaneous
Gravimetric: Sequential
Circuit flow rate [l/min]* Internal: [BPG] HF 0.4; [Gear] HF 1.0 – STD 0.5 –
LAB 0.16 / External: [AODD] up to 20
[BPG] HF 0.4; [Gear] STD 0.5 – HF 1.0 – LAB 0.16
Minimum dispensed quantity [fl.oz.] (cc)* STD 1/768 (0.039) – HF 1/384 (0.077) – LAB 1/1152 (0.026) STD 1/768 (0.039) – HF 1/384 (0.077) – LAB 1/1152 (0.026)
Valve type COROB 3-way electric valve: DN04/DN05
(volumetric system) – DN15 (gravimetric system)
COROB 3-way electric valve or Integrated Nozzle
Valve [INV] (with re-circulation)
Canister configurations Internal: Up to 32 – External: Up to 10 Up to 32
Canister sizes [l] (q-G) 3 (3 q) / 4 (4 q) / 6 (6 q) / 9 (9.5 q) / 15 (4 G) / 20 (5.3 G) / 35 (9.2 G) / 90 (24 G) [according to modules] 3 (3 q) / 4 (4 q) / 6 (6 q) / 9 (9.5 q) / 15 (4 G) / 20 (5.3 G) / 35 (9.2 G) / 90 (24 G) [according to modules]
Colorant compatibility Decorative and Industrial: Water [w], Universal and Solvent [s] Decorative and Industrial: Water [w], Universal and Solvent [s]
Dimensions HxLxD [mm] (in) 1410 x 1700 x 1450 (55.5 x 67 x 57) 1210 x 1400 x 1350 (47.6 x 55.1 x 53.1)
Certification CE / ETL [optional] / Explosion proof [optional] CE / ETL [optional] / Explosion proof [optional]

*Values highly affected by the nature of the colorants and their rheological properties.

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