High performance, fully configurable dispensers


    Ideal solution for high speed needs, from large volume distribution centers to production factories.
    Configurations for any performance productivity and space requirements, thanks to a wide range of canister sizes and external tank solutions.
    Accurate and repeatable result to deliver quality products.
    Hybrid dispensing technology both gravimetric and volumetric.

COROB MODULA family is a flexible and complete range of automated dispensers that can be tailored to your needs, meeting any performance, productivity and space requirements. COROB MODULA is ideal for the most demanding working environments from large volume paint stores to production facilities.

COROB MODULA dispensers are suitable for in-can production by using volumetric and gravimetric dispensing technologies.

Performance and productivity are assured thank to a wide selection of canister sizes and external tanks. Several pumping technologies can be selected according to product characteristics. We can support you to define the best system for your business needs among our unlimited solutions.

In-can production

In-Can production can make a wide selection of tinted products at substantial cost savings and in a minimum time.

  • Each tinted batch is profitable.
  • The system is extremely flexible and with no startup time required.

  • Deliver custom paint with minimal production time and maximized profits.

  • A proven method for enhancing customer service and decreasing lead times.

The Volu-gravimetric model (VG) combines the accuracy and speed of the volumetric dispensing with the gravimetric capability. The solution provides the maximum flexibility and productivity, with the possibility to start directly from the empty cans.

With COROB MODULA explosion proof capability, a vast span of hazardous chemicals can be handled safely.


COROB MODULA product line offers a wide selection of configurations that span from “in-line” to “U-shaped” layouts.

The modules can be arranged in many combinations, allowing users to choose the best solution that accommodates the location of the production line. COROB provides internal support to help design a facility layout; we include multiple options with optimal configurations.

Module template and canister selection

The canister modules can be set according to many combinations, allowing to find the best solution in terms of space or production line in which the machine needs to be inserted into.

The module templates can be chosen according to specific productivity needs; MODULA can host up to 90 liters canister capacity, making it the largest volume canister in the industry.


Technical data

Dispenser Automatic – Hybrid: BPG (bellow), Gear or in combination
Volume output High
Pump type Single drive pumps: [BPG] STD size; [Gear] MTRXs STD size
Circuit flow rate [l/min]* [BPG] HF 0,4; [Gear] STD 0,5 – HF 1,0 – LAB 0,16
Minimum dispensed quantity [fl.oz.] (cc)* STD 1/768 (0,039) – HF 1/384 (0,077) – LAB 1/1152 (0,026)
Canisters Up to 32 according to model configuration
Canister sizes 3 (3 q) / 4 (4 q) / 6 (6 q) / 9 (9.5 q) / 15 (4 G) / 20 (5.3 G) / 35 (9.2 G) / 90 (24 G) [according to modules]
Dispensing flow Simultaneous
Basic features Automatic cap and semi-automatic shelf

*Values highly affected by the nature of the colorants and their rheological properties.

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