Founded in 1984 in San Felice sul Panaro, Italy, COROB first introduced the fully automatic color dispensing system to the paint market. The company always provides color excellence to our customers offering a complete range of point-of-sales equipment, that starts from entry-level to high-performance volumetric and gravimetric dispensers.

Our wide range of products includes mixers, shakers and software. Furthermore, COROB develops complete automated tinting solutions and advanced production systems for different industrial applications.

Support and customer care are globally available, thanks to a highly recognized network of official partners.
We aim to provide the best products and customized solutions to our clients, offering high-quality and innovative items, as per our historical heritage.

COROB dedicates important resources to improve equipment’s offer and develop new solutions in distinctive areas, to satisfy all types of requirements and requests. We acquired Novaflow Systems Inc., to expand the production with a wide range of fully automated gravimetric blending systems, able to handle small up to large batches.

With 40 years of specialized experience and a team of 600+ dedicated professionals worldwide, we’re committed to providing customized solutions and high-quality, innovative products.

General headquarters are based in Italy and the industrial plants are in Italy, India, and Canada. Any production facility is specialized in a unique product offer and is optimally set to serve the local market, optimizing delivery times and accessibility to customers’ visits.


  • Corporate reliability and stability; our history makes the difference
  • We provide complete and customized solutions
  • COROB products, solutions and service are globally available
  • Our company by numbers
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Production Sites

COROB S.p.A. (Headquarters) – Italy
Certification: Facility: IMS / Products: CE, UL
The San Felice sul Panaro location is the main production site and COROB’s headquarters. In the Italian facility, COROB invests in the research, development, and testing of our current solutions and next-generation technologies. Our manufacturing facilities cover equipment ranging from dispensers, mixers, and shakers to customizable factory automation systems. This site is compliant with assembly UL-certified units. In 1995 COROB obtained an ISO 9001 Quality Certification and more recently the ISO 14001:2015 Environmental Management System and ISO 45001:2018 Occupational and Safety Management System Certifications all certified by KIWA-CERMET.

COROB India Pvt. Ltd.
Certification:  Facility: IMS / Products: CE, UL
From its beginnings in 1998, catering solely to the local market, the Indian facility has undergone a remarkable transformation, emerging as a global production powerhouse. This state-of-the-art plant sets the bar high for organization and efficiency, meticulously producing both dispensers and mixers while adhering to rigorous assembly standards.

COROB Novaflow Systems Inc. – Canada
Certification: Products: CE, UL, Atex, CSA, ESA
For over 30 years, Novaflow has built a reputation for excellence in dispensing equipment. delivering exceptionally accurate batch results, minimizing waste and significantly reducing production times. Whether you’re starting out or ready for advanced factory automation, the Novaflow solutions are scalable with rapid ROI potential.