The NOVAFLOW dispensing systems have operated in various industries since 1992. They work in a wide range of applications including ink, paint, chemical and others.

Coupled with in-house developed Enterprise Material Management Software (EMMS), NOVAFLOW equipment provides a safe, reliable, and effective solution that reduces costs and improves operating efficiencies. In addition, customers achieve more accurate batch manufacturing results, which reduces waste and improves production efficiency.

Whether a print shop, ink/paint manufacturer or any blending operation, NOVAFLOW dispensing systems provide efficiencies and enhance quality levels.

With a NOVAFLOW system by COROB, customers can prepare their products on demand, both at point of use and in the factory.

The high flexibility of our hardware and software allows to build the system that suits your specific needs and budgets for a wide range of different applications.

COROB offers NOVAFLOW systems ranging from entry-level manual units to very large industrial systems, which can operate both in standard and/or hazardous environments.

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