Formula management for manual batch blending and compounding


    Just in time finished product supply.
    Repeatable batch-to-batch consistency.
    Reduced material inventory.
    Full formulation, inventory, reporting and production software.


The N10S is a low cost, manual, full-featured system for formula/inventory management and manual batch blending/compounding.

The complete stand-alone system includes a Dell computer, Level 1 Enterprise Materials Management Software, and an electronic scale. The operator simply selects the desired formula, then the system directs the operator with feedback on how much of each component to add.

Core operating features include:

  • Acoustic and graphical assistance during the weighing progress
  • Automated re-formulation on accidental component additions

  • Drivers for a wide range of label printers

  • Material and formula databases

  • Multi-user network access and remote off-site access

Should production increase in the future, this system can be easily expanded into a fully automated dispensing system with the addition of pumping circuits.

Other products, N10SX

Technical data

N10S N10SX
Working Environment Non-hazardous Hazardous
Application Manual formulation/compounding Manual formulation/compounding
Number of valves NA NA
Type of circuits NA NA
Typical batch size 20 l (5 USG) 20 l (5 USG)
Performance NA NA
System resolution* Dependent on scale Dependent on scale
Pump size NA NA
Valve type NA NA
Valve cleaner NA NA
Scale 6 kg – 3000 kg (12 lb – 6000 lb) 6 kg – 3000 kg (12 lb – 6000 lb)
Cabinet NA IP55 / NEMA 4x air purged cabinet
Software EMMS + X2 EMMS + X2
Items included Dell PC Dell PC
Remote support** Available Available

* Values highly affected by the nature of the products and their rheological properties. Values dependant on valve size and scale type combination.
** It requires an active data connection.

Note: data refers to machine base configuration, values may vary according to different specifications.

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