High performance, fully automated mixing solution


    Improved working environment and operator safety by eliminating manual handling of cans.
    Less labor costs.
    Shorter delivery and mixing times by increasing productivity and efficiency per order.

The COROB MIXING STATION MS-RG is the highest productivity mixing solution available in the market, and it can be designed to match a very wide range of applications where a high volume of can handling is needed.

The MS-RG consists of up to ten heavy duty specially developed gyroscopic mixers with 3HP direct drive mixing motors.

Fully automated conveyors feed pails of up 40 kg/88 lbs.

It handles different can sizes and shapes simultaneously and automatically, while operators can customize mixing time and speed for each can individually, if desired.

During the mixing process, the can handles/bails are secured by a magnetic system, which eliminates the need for tape or bungee cords.

The MS-RG solution delivers excellent results, increasing mixing performance while dramatically decreasing maintenance and reducing environmental noise.

Technical data

Mixer model COROB IGCM 500 Heavy Duty Industrial Gyroscopic Mixer
Number of mixers From 3 to 6 (single)
From 8 to 10 (double)
Productivity/mixing time [pail per hour] 2 min 116
3 min 100
4 min 74
Can size [mm] (in) Height: min 100 (3.9), max 420 (16.5)
Diameter: min 120 (4.7) max 400 (15.7)
Round, oval (conical or parallel), square and rectangular
Length [mm] (in) 5600 (220.5) up to 6 mixers
5200 (204.7) from 7 to 10 mixers
Depth [mm] (in) 5600 (220.5) up to 6 mixers
7800 (307.1) from 7 to 10 mixers
Height [mm] (in) 1600 (63)

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