COROB MIXING STATION is the ideal solution for high-viscosity products in plastic or metal cans of various shapes and sizes, designed to fit the needs of both warehouses and production facilities.
It is the perfect enhancement for depots, warehouses, or large contractor retail locations where cost control and productivity are essential.
By reducing manual requirements, the MIXING STATION helps lower labor costs, making profitable mixing orders possible with just one operator to control the entire process.
The system also improves the working environment and operator safety by eliminating the need for manual loading and unloading of cans, as heavy cans and pails of any size are moved, loaded, mixed, and unloaded automatically.
Our powerful, flexible, and fully customized systems come in two different models to meet your production needs. With COROB MIXING STATION, you can streamline your operations, boost efficiency, and ensure maximum profitability.

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