Fully automatic solutions designed to enhance your productivity


    Fully automated production processes that reduce labor requirements and do not require skilled operators.
    Configurations for any performance, productivity, space requirements—designed to satisfy individual needs.
    Fast just-in-time production for empty or pre-filled cans, with important reduction in inventory requirements.
    Seamless production flow: from order management to palletizing of finished products.

The complete range of In-Can automated systems for high performance and just-in-time production for large numbers of customer orders. The COROB systems are fully automatic In-Can production lines ideal for companies that require flexibility due to extensive and diverse daily demand for tinted paint or products.

Serving remote or demanding markets can be challenging; however, by integrating a COROB In-Can system in strategic distribution centers, you can increase profitability by shortening delivery times, as well as reduce warehouse space, inventory, and working capital.

The COROB solution is completely customizable to meet any budget or space requirements. Thanks to the COROB automatic production line, you can minimize costs, maximize production, and increase factory efficiencies.

Taking control of the bottom-line

  • Generate high volumes of tinted product within a small footprint.
  • Just in time availability of any product and color in any pack size.

  • Minimize net working capital by reducing the level of stocked goods.

  • Increase customer satisfaction by delivering required products On Time and In Full time after time.

  • No setup time needed to switch from one order to another.

  • Every can tinted is profitable without the need of minimal batch quantities.

Main business applications

Consult with the COROB specialists to define the best system for your business applications. There are infinite possibilities, solutions and configurations that can be tailored to each individual application and customer’s needs.










COROB consultancy at ‘your’ service

Investment for an COROB In-Can System is a very important step which requires support and knowledge from all parties. Each customer is treated in a professional manner allowing for individual system customization.

COROB will be with you from the project beginning to its conclusion. Consulting with COROB’s specialized staff and selected partners is the key to finding the best solution for each need. This process must truly be a Partnership between COROB and its customers.

STEP 1   COROB will develop and make feasibility study to analyze the capacity and productivity requirements within the available foot print.

STEP 2   COROB will design the general layout, plan the material flow and estimate the operators’ work load.

STEP 3   COROB tests and analyzes the viscosity and rheology of products. This then leads to carrying out extensive dispensing, accuracy and repeatability tests to guarantee the expected productivity and capacity with all materials and components.

STEP 4   All plants systems and projects are completely assembled in COROB’s facility to allow customers to test the installations and assess its specifications before everything is delivered and commissioned.

STEP 5   The commissioning at the customer’s site is carried out by experienced field engineers who also coordinate the training of the operators and the maintenance department on how to use and maintain the system for high productivity and minimal down time.

Building your in-can system

The variety of businesses that can be enhanced from adapting an In-Can System are so extensive, that the variety of parts that compose the system are equally broad.

Each COROB system becomes truly unique to the customer’s needs and is fine-tuned to be the best balance between cost and required performance.

Many tools and devices can be combined to develop the optimum system. Contact a specialized COROB consultant to find out about the many alternatives and available solutions.

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