Dispensing systems for custom or demanding applications


  • Unlimited variety of possibilities.
  • A wide range of batch sizes, from small samples to very large batches.
  • Dispense systems that can be integrated into line automation systems.

In cases where the requirements of the application exceed the configurability of standard models, NOVAFLOW system elements can be designed into a highly customized N90 dispensing solution.

The high-accuracy, automated weight-based dispensing systems are perfectly tailor-made to each application and can cover a wide range of production needs and targets, including high volume, and small custom batches.

From small adaptations on standard products till complete “off the shelf” customized solutions the COROB Novaflow team can create and deliver the perfect dispensing solution that meets your exact needs thanks to a fully staffed Engineering department consisting of mechanical, electrical, and software engineers.

Some examples of the diverse nature of N90 dispense system applications:

  • Bulk pre-batching applications
  • Dispensing of food grade (FDA approved) or pharmaceutical materials

  • Hybrid systems, utilizing both weight-based and volumetric solutions.

  • Systems with different materials of construction for demanding materials and environments

  • Ability to accommodate large quantities of products while being able to dispense into containers of varying size

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