Solution for water, oil or UV based products with modular approach


    Repeatable color consistency.
    Automated material rework/work off tools.
    Reduced material inventory.
    Reduced quality control check times.

The N30 dispenser is a high-accuracy, multi-purpose automated weight-based dispensing systems for non-hazardous environments. Designed to cover a wide range of production needs, including high volume, fast fill, and small custom batches, these systems dispense using high-accuracy dispensing valve technology.

Drawing material from pails, drums, bulk totes, or fixed tanks, the systems can accurately dispense up to 28 components (for a standard configuration) into a wide variety of batch sizes: pails, drums and/or movable vats.

The system can be designed with multiple scales ensuring the highest precision possible regardless of batch size.

The N30 dispensers can fit the SelectFlow two-stage stainless steel valves and/or the MultiFlow three-stage stainless steel valves.

With a multi-valve system, operators can use a smaller valve for ultra-fine dispensing amounts. Both valves optimize dispense speed and dispense accuracy, offering unparalleled accuracy batch after batch.

Technical data

Working Environment Non-hazardous
Application Water, Oil and UV-based products
Number of valves up to 28
Type of circuits pails and/or drums and/or IBCs
Typical batch size from 20 l to 200 l (from 5 USG to 55 USG)
Performance 3–5 min per 20 l (5 USG) batch
System resolution* starting from ± 0.2 g
Pump size DN12 – 1/2” and larger
Valve type Two-stage, SelectFlow valve (Standard)
Three-stage, MultiFlow valve (Optional)
Valve cleaner Included (semi-auto)
Scale 6 kg – 600 kg (12 lb – 1200 lb)
Cabinet IP55 / NEMA 4x cabinet
Software EMMS + X2
Items included Dell PC
Remote support** Available

* Values highly affected by the nature of the products and their rheological properties. Values dependant on valve size and scale type combination.
** It requires an active data connection.

Note: data refers to machine base configuration, values may vary according to different specifications.

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