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COROB™ Mixing Station MS-LG

The new COROB™ Mixing Station MS-LG is the perfect enhancement to depot, warehouses or large contractor retail locations where productivity is essential to your business and to the final customers while managing operating costs.

  • After the tinting process is complete, an automated conveyer moves, loads (precisely centering cans) and unloads any size or shape paint cans into the gyroscopic mixers.
  • The optimized timing and the synchronized mixing cycle of the two gyroscopic mixers guarantees a constant output of mixed paint so that the pails are ready in the fastest way possible.
  • The operator or associate is relieved from moving around the heavier paint cans, and the overall layout of the conveyor is designed to reduce the fatigue effort.
  • The optimal price/performance is obtained with two gyroscopic mixers although up to 3 gyroscopic mixers can be installed in a single line.
Model COROB CM 850 Heavy Duty Industrial Gyroscopic Mixer
Number of mixers From 2 to 3 with IMSL
Loading / Unloading system IMSL – Industrial Mixer Single Loader
Productivity* Up to 60 cans per hour
Handled pails
Height [mm] (in) min 100 (3.9) – max 450 (17.7)
Diameter [mm] (in) min 120 (4.7) – max 400 (15.7)
Maximum can weight [kg] (lbs) 40 (88)
Shape Round and Oval (conical or parallel), Square, Rectangular
Material Plastic, Metallic
Robot rotation/Linear translation DC electric motors
Overall dimensions**
Width [mm] (in) 1950 (76.8)
Height [mm] (in) 1750 (68.9) with 2 mixers – 2900 (114.2) with 3 mixers
Length [mm] (in) 1350 (53.2)
Power supply
Power supply [V] 220 VAC Single-phase
Maximum current [A] based on the configuration
Maximum power absorption [W] based on the configuration

* Depending on model configuration, pails size and product viscosity.
** Loading/unloading conveyors excluded.