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Original spare parts

Corob-Spare-PartsThe importance of using genuine COROB™ spare parts is in the interest of all parties, keeping in mind that the main aim is to have the equipment work according to the set standards and at the end, being able to deliver the tinted paint.
By using original parts, COROB guarantees the proper functioning of the machines and takes full commitment to solve upcoming issues related to their field deployment and warranty coverage.

For most of the deployed machines, a recommended spare parts list is offered, the intention of this suggestion is to have the correct part types in useful numbers to satisfy any last minute need in field. Timely responsiveness is in many cases what makes the difference in being able to keep the positive bottom line from the tinting corner, whereas downtimes create negative feelings and results. The suggested spare parts list is offered to all, although in particular situations, spare parts handling and setup may vary according to client’s needs, local service agreements and in-or-outsourced services.


Spare parts handling

The dispatching locations for spare parts have been optimized to cover the markets and territories that need support.
A clear process has been set, so to make the request for parts, easy and always effective.

The spare parts catalogs are available for customers and service companies, and can be downloaded from our Reserved Area.