3rd April 2020

Dear Customers and Stakeholders,

The continuous expansion of Coronavirus (COVID-19) is putting a lot of pressure on the Food & Beverage industries to continue the supply to stores and supermarkets. The Ink suppliers are part of the process to support converters to deliver packaging on time. Due to these circumstances, our factory in Brockville, NOVAFLOW, is open and continues to deliver machines and services to our partners. Our local Team, led by Massimo Bettini, our General Manager, is providing business continuity in the respect of the safety and health preventive measures. I personally would like to thank all our employees around the world for their sense of duty and commitment to our Company and Customers.
Again, our common purpose is to come out of this difficult time all together in good health!
We wish all the best to our families, Customers and Stake holders.

Erik Bothorel