19 April 2021

We will all remember 2020 as one of the most difficult recent years and all the consequences deriving from the COVID-19 pandemic and their implications on our life and behaviors.

We have been forced to review our way to interact, re-shape our way to make business and most probably, we will never come back to the previous modus operandi.

In this turmoil, COROB is proud of its 2020 achievements, firstly for having put in place all the necessary measures to successfully protect all its employees around the world and also for the great performances shown worldwide by our Group.

Looking at 2021, until now the business is strong, and the deployment of the vaccine’s campaigns reinforces our hope for a positive future.

That said, looking at the different speed or delay in their deployment, we do not believe that people will be put in the conditions to safely travel in a medium/short term or easily travel due to the quarantine period requested from some countries around the world.

In this context of uncertainty, to follow inputs from some of our customers, and only for 2021, COROB has decided not to participate in exhibitions and to re-allocate relevant expenditure to some other virtual marketing events and training tools, more beneficial to our customers and stakeholders.

Looking at the future, the digitalization of the business will guide us towards new types of innovations and COROB wants to be a pioneer also in this domain.
Thanks to our customers, shareholders, suppliers, and to all our employees around the world for the support and confidence in COROB.

Erik Bothorel