Large tinting capacity in a space-saving footprint


    Speed up service with 6-channel simultaneous dispensing and high flow rate
    New 5G functionalities for optimized dispensing
    Tested and proven gear pump technology
    Operator-friendly functions for handling medium to large cans

The COROB D600 automatic paint simultaneous dispenser is a well- established, trustworthy gear pump machine that combines excellent colorant capacity and dispensing speed with a narrower depth, thus representing the ideal solution if you require medium to high volume productivity in a limited space.

The COROB D600 offers a high flow rate capability and up to 6 liters per minute simultaneous dispensing, thus meeting the demands of professional stores, as well as high-volume paint distribution centers.

The unit is powered by the tested and proven COROB gear pump technology now coupled with the latest smart 5G electronics.

Ideal for decorative and industrial tinting systems, the gear pump is also available in stainless steel for optimal performance in abrasive and corrosive conditions.

The three-way valve with colorant recirculation, coupled with the advanced 5G management, guarantees consistent and precise tinting results.

The equipment features an external head frame and different options to facilitate the handling of heavy paint cans. The automatic shelf self-positions itself at the correct height for every can size, simplifying loading and unloading operations. Other options include the semi-automatic shelf, or no shelf at all for those who prefer to use an external roll conveyor and set up an in-line workflow.

A certain degree of flexibility is provided by the modular expandability to accommodate up to 24 colorants, and by the wide range of canister sizes to choose from.

Technical data

Business environment DIYs / Professional paint stores
Volume output Medium / High
Dispensing technology Gear
Dispensing flow Simultaneos
Circuit flow rate [l/min]* STD 0.5 – HF 1.0
Minimum dispensed quantity [fl.oz.] (cc)* STD 1/768 (0.039) – HF 1/384 (0.077)
Valve type COROB 3-way electric valve (with re-circulation)
Canister configurations Up to 24
Canister sizes [l] (q-G) 3 (3 q) / 4 (4 q) / 6 (6 q) / 9 (9.5 q) / 15 (4 G)
Colorant compatibility Water, Universal and Solvent
Dimensions HxLxD [mm] (in) 1190 x 1070 x 876 w/o shelf – 1108 w/ shelf (46.9 x 42.1 x 34.5 – 43.6)
Footprint [sqm] (sq ft) From 0.96 (10.3) to 1.19 (12.8) according to model configuration

*Values highly affected by the nature of the colorants and their rheological properties.

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