The flexible medium size automatic dispenser


    One of the most sold units for large accounts globally.
    The perfect answer to all your needs, convenient with a wide selection of options.
    Long-lasting and reliable bellow pump technology.

The COROB D410x is the most accurate automatic dispenser with bellow pump technology that combines medium to high performance, and versatility in one professional unit.

Available in various models, the D410x offers maximum flexibility and configurability thanks to a wide selection of options.

An ideal choice for a wide range of working environments and store layouts, such as professional paint stores, large retail, and DIY chains.

The extremely reliable bellow pump works with optimal accuracy, reliability, and speed. It is free from wear and tear due to the lack of mechanical stress between the pump and colorant, allowing it to last for a lifetime without needing to be changed.

Technical data

Business environment Professional paint stores, DIY
Volume output Low / Medium
Dispensing technology Bellow pump
Dispensing flow Sequential or/and Simultaneous
Circuit flow rate [l/min]* 0,2 [Single pump] – 0,4 [Double pump]
Minimum dispensed quantity [fl.oz.] (cc)* 1/384 fl.oz. (0,077 cc)
Valve type Membrane valve: Viton (water) – FFKM (universal/solvent)
Canister configurations Up to 20 [S] – Up to 24 [M] – Up to 32 [L]
Canister sizes [l] (q-G) 1,5 (1.58 q) / 2,5 (2.64 q) / 5 (1.32 G)
Colorant compatibility Water, Universal, Solvent
Footprint [m²] (ft²) 0,69 (7.43) [S] – 0,84 (9.04) [M] – 1,1 (11.84) [L]

*Values highly affected by the nature of the colorants and their rheological properties.

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