The new BANCO, everlasting technology, next-gen electronics


    Proven components and everlasting COROB bellow pumps.
    Advanced control system that makes maintenance intuitive and quick.
  • +NEEDS
    Many configuration possibilities for all your growing needs.
    Low height for an easy refill.

COROB EVO1ST is the innovative and enhanced bellow dispenser building on the proven technology that is appreciated everywhere for its long-lasting durability.

As a next-gen of BANCO, COROB EVO1ST dispenser is an ideal solution for stores where low or medium paint volumes are tinted.

Easily accessible in all the operations, it is extremely user-friendly and easy to maintain. Simultaneous dispensing and larger canisters are provided as options, assuring a higher dispensing speed and coping with peak hours.

When it comes to low or zero-VOC colorant systems, COROB EVO1ST assures optimal performance reducing mistints and increasing the quality of the tinted products.

The advanced connectivity functions allow driving the dispenser with tablets and smartphones.

Technical data

Business environment Paint stores, growing markets
Volume output Low
Dispensing technology Bellow pump
Dispensing flow Sequential (default) – On-Demand Simultaneous – Simultaneous
Circuit flow rate [l/min]* 0,25 [Single pump] – 0,5 [Double pump]
Minimum dispensed quantity [fl.oz.] (cc)* 1/576 (0,051)
Valve type Membrane valve
Canister configurations [S] Up to 20 – [L] Up to 32
Canister sizes [l] (q-G) 1,5 (1.58 q) / 2,5 (2.64 q) / 5 (1.32 G)
Colorant compatibility Water, Universal, Solvent
Dimensions HxLxD [mm] [S] 1230x710x860 / x910 w/ shelf – [L] 1230x1060x880 / x930 w/ shelf
Footprint [m²] (ft²) [S] 0,61 (6.57) – 0,65 (6.95) w/ shelf – [L] 0,93 (10) – 0,98 (10.6) w/ shelf

*Values highly affected by the nature of the colorants and their rheological properties.

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